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By Christoph Bussler and Anand Jain

This blog discusses Cloud Spanner table interleaving from a developer’s perspective: what are interleaving tables, when to use this schema design concept, some edge cases and gotchas.

tl;dr: interleaving tables are a query performance optimization tool for specific join query patterns. Interleaving tables are not a data modeling concept even though they appear as such at first glance during schema design. Interleaved indexes fall into the category of performance optimization as well.

Cloud Spanner’s use of distributed persistent data management

One underlying fundamental design decision to achieve unlimited scale…

Selecting Databases for Multi-cloud Use Cases

Note: this blog has the same content as the series with the same name. With series being deprecated, I post the same content unchanged as regular blog here.

This series discusses various aspects of multi-cloud database management:

  • What is multi-cloud database management?
  • What are use cases for managing databases within and across different public and private clouds?
  • What types of database management systems are available that satisfy multi-cloud use cases?
  • Which deployment architectures support multi-cloud use cases?

… and many more.

☁️ If you are interested, please follow the series as it develops.

A small request …

This is the first time for…

by Christoph Bussler and Sireesha Pulipati


An example could be an HR SaaS provider implementing its…

A tutorial for setting up a multi-cloud VPN


Please note upfront that this is a step-by-step manual setup all the way in case you want to understand and to execute all the…

by Christoph Bussler, Szabolcs Rozsnyai

What is zero downtime database migration and replication?

In the general case, database migration migrates all data from the source database to a target database with the goal to retire the source database and make the target database the primary…

(to be more precise: for almost no-one)


As the COVID-19 outbreak continues (Visualizing the History of Pandemics) several application development projects and consortia are underway to develop an Immunity passport on mobile devices (“immunity apps”, “immunity certificates”) where the bearer can demonstrate having undergone a successful medical test for antibodies of a virus.

However, in context of COVID-19, there is a rub: having antibodies might not create immunity against COVID-19.

And, most important, there is a whole list of ethical issues that might arise that counter the benefit of an immunity app significantly.

The following resources provide you an overview of various aspects and might help you…

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