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Mind the key replication axioms

Definition of database replication consistency

Basic replication


Example: Cloud Spanner — from zero to query in 5 commands

By Christoph Bussler and Anand Jain

Cloud Spanner’s use of distributed persistent data management

Selecting Databases for Multi-cloud Use Cases

  • What is multi-cloud database management?
  • What are use cases for managing databases within and across different public and private clouds?
  • What types of database management systems are available that satisfy multi-cloud use cases?
  • Which deployment architectures support multi-cloud use cases?

A small request …

by Christoph Bussler and Sireesha Pulipati


A tutorial for setting up a multi-cloud VPN


by Christoph Bussler, Szabolcs Rozsnyai

What is zero downtime database migration and replication?

(to be more precise: for almost no-one)


Christoph Bussler

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